3 tips to learn more in class

Learning opens up ones mind and gives them a chance to have added knowledge to what they already know. Proper concentration when one is in class means that they will understand better and this makes learning enjoyable. Students should work hard to ensure that they learn as much as possible during class time and even all through their learning period in school. It is the duty of any teacher to make sure that students understand what they are taught,however,the student’s efforts determines whether they pass in their exams or not. This article will give 3 tips to learn more in class.

Develop proper listening skill

There is always a better chance for a student to understand more and in a better way when the teacher is in class,therefore,being attentive when the teacher is teaching allows a student to grasp all the important points. Avoiding distractions such as mobile phones and noisy friends allows one to concentrate on what the teacher is saying. Sitting in a strategic position where one can see the teacher and hear clearly what the they are saying allows one to learn more. Listening is key during learning,therefore,trying the best one can to listen as much as possible during class time means they are able to learn more than someone who is distracted and are not able to hear what is being said.


Set targets

A student who want to learn more must have goals they want to achieve. Example of such goals would include writing a number of questions before a new topic and answering them after the lesson,setting average marks to score in an exam and having a test to take for marking at the end of every lesson. Goals normally acts as a form of motivation and having the above goals will always compel a student to learn more when in a class so as not to get disappointed at the end. Once goals are achieved,one gets excited and desires to get to higher levels. This desire enables one to put more effort in class,therefore, learning more.

Participate during a lesson

Getting involved in class activities is one of the 3 tips to learn more in class. Some of the useful class activities may include asking questions to clearly understand what the teacher is saying and answering question when the teacher asks to know if one understands. Forming study group and getting involved in class discussions also helps one understand better. All this activities during a lesson are effective ways of making students learn more.

Learning is fun and understanding more clearly comes when one puts into consideration the 3 tips to learn more in class. Proper listening,setting targets and working hard towards achieving them and being active during class and in the long run throughout the learning period are some of the best ways that enables one to get as much knowledge as possible and gives learning a greater meaning. Satisfaction for both the teacher and the student may be termed as goals achieved.

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