4 Best High Schools in United States

U.S high school transition is at its highest now than ever. A high school diploma is critical in one career success and financial journey. Schools are working harder to see more graduates in caps and gowns. Schools are also striving to be the best, competitive edge these schools are by the introduction of specialized works which includes, published authors, entrepreneurship and technical and career programs.

All this is in the pursuit of being the best, in the most recent report released the following are the best 4 schools in United States which beat 29,000 public high schools from all 50 states, they are:


1. School of talented and Gifted

2. BASIS Scottsdale in Arizona

3. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia

4. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology in Georgia

School of Talented and Talented

For the fourth consecutive year, this school, in Dallas, known as TAG was the ranked the best public high school in the country. The school has a population of 250 students. The Principal after being declared the best said their expectation and having a small number has enabled the school has a familiar culture.

The school follows the state Distinguished Achievement Program with a great emphasis on Advanced Placement Curriculum. The school offers not less than 11 AP courses for on to graduate. The students have been doing research in partnership with local universities. The students can enroll in mini-courses for example ballroom dancing or the glass blowing. There is also option to take elective such as Web Mastery

BASIS Scottsdale

The school is ranked the best in Arizona; Students have the opportunity to pursue Advanced Placement course and sit for exams. The Advanced Placement in BASIS is 100%. The school has almost gender parity in enrollment. The school was started on 2003. The school is located at Scottsdale, Arizona. The school offers an education that places the students in the same level with students in the best schools systems like Finland, China, and Singapore. The seventh Grade has the opportunity to study Mandarin, Spanish or French. The upper school offers Honors, Post AP and AP levels

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

This school offers the STEM-Focused curriculum, which starts with integrated Biology, technology program and ends with the technical laboratory project for the seniors. The school pride to have 10 research labs, on the fields of astrophysics to Oceanography. The school lays great emphasis on extracurricular activities with the strong athletic team. The school has a population of more than 1800 students. The school moved one step up to clinch position three compared with the earlier ranking.

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, science and Technology.

The school is ranked the best in Georgia, and fourth in the whole country; the school offers advanced placements courses and exams. The rate of Advanced Placement course, in Gwinnett School, is 100%. The school population is slightly above 850 students, with 60% male and 40% female population.

The ranking of these best schools in United States was highly on equipping students with rare skills, which enhances their academic success when they graduate.

The ranking was vigorously and conclusively done for all the 29,000 schools ranked when Kenyahigh.com is ranking at 11,758.

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